Dyson Vacuum

The First Vacuum Cleaner That Doesn't Lose Suction

Feeling let down by your vacuum?

"I was so frustrated with my vacuum cleaner - the bag quickly clogged with dust, destroying the suction. I set about developing an entirely new type of vacuum cleaner to solve this problem.

More than 5,000 prototypes later I was at last able to launch the patented Dyson Cyclone, the first vacuum cleaner that doesn't lose suction.

The Root8Cyclone™ is the latest Dyson vacuum - it has the highest suction power and picks up more dirt from your home." - James Dyson

What Makes Dyson Different?

Dyson Root Cyclone™ technology uses 100,000G of centrifugal force in the cyclones to filter dust and remove dirt from the airflow efficiently. Because there is nothing to obstruct the airflow, it doesn't clog and doesn't lose suction.

  • The most powerful upright
  • The only quick-draw hose
  • Hygienic and quick to empty
  • No extra costs
  • Protects rugs and delicate floors
  • Approved for allergy sufferers
  • Automatic carpet height adjustment Light and easy to maneuver
  • Edge cleaning whiskers
  • Reversible wand
  • High velocity airflow tools
  • Clear bin™
  • Durable tough construction
  • 2 year limited warranty

My Personal Dyson Story:

Not too long ago, I was vacuuming our living room, when our vacuum cleaner started making terrible noises. I knew the thing was on its last leg, so I just tried to finish as quickly as I could. I was actually able to finish, but not before the roller came out of its track and melted my machine. I was just going to buy another "throw-away" vacuum cleaner, until I remembered that commercial I saw on television. I found a place online where I could order my new vacuum and I was so excited to put this thing to the test.

Even though our old vacuum was destroyed, the house still needed to be vacuumed. We have a yellow lab and he sheds like crazy. I had to get the Shop-Vac out of the garage and use that instead. I have one of the big Shop-Vacs that would suck your face off if you got too close. So, needless to say, I thought this thing could get the dog hair up with no problem.

Later that night, my new Dyson DC07 had been delivered. After a few minutes of putting things together, it was time to put it to the test. As I vacuumed, I noticed all the dog hair twirling around in the clear canister. After I was done, I was amazed at the amount of dog hair the Dyson had sucked up from the carpet. Here's a picture of the canister after I was done, and keep in mind that this was after I had used the Shop-Vac a few hours before. View Picture

For anyone that is interested in getting a new vacuum, I fully recommend purchasing a Dyson vacuum cleaner. They are quality machines that are built to last and built to perform!

For more information on Dyson, please check out http://www.dyson.com/

Dyson DC07 - Front view Dyson DC07 - Left side view
Dyson DC07 - Back view Dyson DC07 - Right side view